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Intensive Careintensive care

2010, with Andrea Stultiens
20 x 28 cm
112 pages, 40 photo's, 20 poems, 2 texts, 4 photographic illustrations
ISBN 978-90-89101-72-3
EUR 24,95

The monitor faded, the lines cut loose. Grey first, then white.’
On the morning of New Year’s Eve 2008 two young people met with an accident. The next week, they were buried. Since then, they have been missed. In both images and words, Intensive Care shows the inconceivable and unexpected aspects surrounding a sudden death. Photographer Andrea Stultiens recorded the hospital, funeral home and the burials. Poet Vrouwkje Tuinman writes about mourning and remembrance. The images and texts share their unsentimental, day-to-day view of death and everything it brings about.


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Press quotes on Intensive Care:

'Striking poems [...] words that directly affect you[...]. [...] Combined with the distance Stultiens takes in her approach to photography, this reinforces the alienating effects' (NRC Handelsblad)
'Well-made poems [...] and controlled clinical pictures [...] This sober approach moves you in a sincere way.' (Volkskrant)
'A gripping book on grief and recovery. In her poems Tuinman writes that what, after the death of a loved one, is often thought, but what no one dares to say.' (Havana)
'Andrea Stultiens and Vrouwkje Tuinman and have a compelling reason to make this book that radiates from the entire book. They have to. [...] The poems pose real, probing questions.' (Groene Amsterdammer)